Sports with Leonida

Sports with Leonida

What is the problem?
Getting a enough exercise is important for everybody, including children. Sports also contribute to the development of children and all children have a right to play sports. Leonida thinks that every child should find a sport that suits them.

What is Leonida’s solution?
Leonida’s solution is a sports day with as many different sports as possible, because it’s difficult to choose what sports you like when you’ve never played them. A sports day will allow the participants to form an opinion on different sports, based on their experiences. All young participants can play in three different sports of their choosing. The options are:
Ball games: hockey, soccer, handball, and basketball. 
Combat sport: judo, karate, taekwondo, and kickboxing. 
Other: track and field, sprinting, long jump, and dancing Between events, the participants will receive water, a snack and a fruit shake.

What is the goal?
Leonida’s goal is to introduce at least 50 child children to a sport they did not know before. She thinks it will be a challenge to gather all children and sports organizations on the same day.

How does Leonida work?
First, Leonida will figure out which sports clubs in Schiedam she will contact and ask to collaborate. It is important that a wide variety of sports will be available. After that, she will choose a day together with her friends from school. Then she can start making a schedule for that day. What sports classes will take place, and where? Who will teach the class? She will teach handball class herself.

What does Leonida need?
·         Flyers to distribute and announce the sports day 
·         Fruit shakes and snacks for during the breaks
·         Sports equipment for the sports classes
·         A photographer to shoot the event

Who does she need?
·         Her school, as location for the sports day
·         KidsRights for support
·         The local sports clubs to teach the classes      

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