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Without Borders

Without Borders is KidsRights’ project partner in Sri Lanka. Without Borders started in 2014, as a group of young volunteers that wanted to teach English to children and adults.

Without Borders grew quickly, and taught their students to be trainers themselves. In this way, they were able to expand their curriculum. The afterschool curriculum now exists of workshops focused on language, leadership, and the environment.

Without Borders wants to change communities from the inside out by bringing out the best in people. This is exactly what their education- and trainings models are based on.

Without Borders has:

  • Trained 1600 students
  • Given 1400 workshops
  • 80+ trained teachers

The Ideator Project is one of Without Borders’ projects. KidsRights is supporting them with this. In this project children receive trainings in project management and leadership skills, so they learn how to create sustainable change. In this way, they want to inspire children to become changemakers.

The Ideator Project consists of 3 day workshops in three different provinces, in which children learn how to set up, execute, and lead projects. During the workshops children come up with a sustainable project for their community, to protect the environment. In each workshop the best presentation receives a mini fund to execute the project. The children are supported with this by Without Borders, and join their team as an Ideator Ambassador.

One of the mini funds was won by a group of student that wants to make the water at their school drinkable. They are going to do this by using the non-drinkable water for the school yard, to grow vegetables. They will sell the vegetables, and the money they raise with it they will use for a water filter. In this way, all students are able to drink from the tap.

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