What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
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What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

2019-06-11 13:43:00

Everyone has hopes and dreams, or things they would like to happen in their future. Some dreams might be big and seem impossible. But they are only impossible until it is done. Make the first steps and take it from there! It’s important to have dreams to work towards, they provide you with a sense of direction and instill hope in your future. What are your dreams? Leave them on our forum!

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Daniel Lusembe
we are here to improve the children refugee talents this will help us to build our dreams to prepare our future,
when we will get our future, so we will feel strong and to see we get our future like others because the children refugees we get in many difficult life and our heart was been broken for long time and we are afraid that there no one can help us because we are poor people and there children that they don't know where they from, because that we are stand up for help those child refugee so they can feel like other children and to believe in them selves, that they get achieve they dreams even though they are refugee and many of them they quit of their dream because there is no one to help them so we are here to help them for anything for them because we all refugee like them.

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