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Receiving education is one of children’s rights, for both boys and girls. In many countries, there is still a traditional view on genders. This means that for example some families expect girls to quit their education to get married and take care of their husband and children. Because of this they will miss a part of their education or sometimes even stop going to school at all. This has big influences on themselves, but also on their family, their health and the society. Girls who receive an education are more likely to earn more and less likely to get married at a young age.

Why is girls education important?

  • A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more when they are an adult.
  • Girls with 8 years of education are 3 times less likely to marry before the age of 18
  • A child whose mother can read and write is 50% more likely to reach the age of 5.
What does KidsRights do?

The International Children’s Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to Malala Yousafzai, who has committed her efforts in standing up for education for girls. To support Malala, KidsRights has invested the Children’s Peace Price project funds 2013 in different projects in Pakistan that contribute to the education of girls. KidsRights has also published a report on girls education that provides more background information and data on the education of girls.

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