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The environment is continuously changing, this is because of natural processes and human activities. The influence of human activities on the climate has a lot of effect, fore example because people use a lot of planes or cars that pollute the air. 95% of the climate change was because of humans between 1950 and 2000. The effect of this is that water gets polluted, the air is not clean anymore, and that some animals and plants are dying.

Children’s Rights and Environment
Children are especially vulnerable to climate change, even though they have contributed the least to the causes. A healthy environment is very important for the survival, wellbeing and development of children and is therefore a very important child right. Climate change has a worldwide impact because it is affecting people’s ability to feed themselves and as a result, 3 million children under the age of 5 die around the world every year. If climate change continues, so will the effects on children as they grow older, and they will live in a world with unhealthier air; dirty water, less food and more diseases.

What does KidsRights do?

The International Children’s Peace Price 2016 was awarded to Kehkashan Basu, who has committed her efforts to protecting the environment. To support Kehkashan, KidsRights has invested the Children’s Peace Price project funds 2016 in six projects around the world to contribute to a clean environment. KidsRights also published a report on environmental sustainability: Cleaning Up the Mess: Children's Rights and Environmental Protection.

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