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Street children

Street children are children who live or even work on the streets. The streets are their home: the market, a park or a train station for example. But it is dangerous on the street and children can get harmed or sick quickly. It is not clean to live on the streets, it can be violent and many street children do not go to school. Worldwide millions of children have no choice but to live on the streets. In The Philippines, where International Children’s Peace Prize winner Kesz is from, the number of street children is one of the highest in the world.

Did you know?

  • In The Philippines, 10% of the children does not receive any education.
  • 10% of the children in The Philippines is underweight and 33% have trouble growing bigger.
  • 40% of the people who live in cities, live in conditions of extreme poverty.
What does KidsRights do?

In 2012, Kesz Valdez from The Philippines won the International Children’s Peace Prize because he stood up for the rights of street children. To support Kesz, KidsRights invests in projects related to street children in The Philippines. KidsRights also published a report on this theme: Street Children Have Rights Too! Problems faced by street children globally and in the Philippines.

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