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"Every day, all over the world, children become victims of violence. Violence can happen everywhere: at home, at school, in the streets or over the internet. Violence also comes in many forms, it can be physical, emotional, sexual, but also neglect and bullying are forms of violence. It can be really hard to prevent violence or to make sure children who have experienced violence receive justice. For example, it can be really hard to get the people who hurt someone to get punished.

Liberia and violence against children
Liberia is a country in West Africa. For a long time war raged in Liberia. And although there is no more war now, many children still become victims of violence. More than half of the people who live in Liberia is a child and almost half of these children have experienced physical violence by the age of 15. Liberia has rules and laws to protect children from violence, but it is hard to uphold them.

What does KidsRights do?

In 2015 Abraham M. Keita from Liberia won the International Children’s Peace Prize for his fight for justice for children who are victims of violence. To support Keita, KidsRights invests in projects to prevent violence against children in Liberia. KidsRights also published a report on this theme: The Silent Majority, Justice for child victims of violence, with a focus on Liberia. "

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