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Update Ballah

Update Ballah

What has Ballah done?
Ballah first organized his P4P team, which now consists of 5 boys and 4 girls. They have organized 19 training sessions at 7 different schools. During these training sessions they taught students more about sexual health and how the girls themselves can make reusable, hygienic sanitary towels.

Besides the training sessions they have also organized small group sessions in the neighbourhood. Discussions about sexual health were carried out here.

A health club for girls, consisting of 10 active members, was also created. They gather monthly to talk about sexual health issues and experts are invited to provide information.

How did it go?
It went very well. Through his project Ballah has gained more insight into the problems which girls face. At the beginning the girl participants did not dare to speak up, but after a while they became more open. That is the reason why Ballah wants to reach out to more girls, hoping that they themselves will also provide information sessions on sexual health.

It was difficult to get a lot of people to attend a session at the same time, so Ballah resorted to smaller training sessions and group discussions instead of the larger gatherings which he had planned on.

In which way has Ballah made an impact?
The girls who took part in Ballah’s training sessions now feel free to talk openly about sexual health, for example about menstruation. They have also learnt how to make their own sanitary towels; it can cost a lot to buy sanitary towels

What now?
Ballah will continue with P4P in this way; training sessions at schools and small discussion groups in his neighbourhood. He will look for people who can help him to gather the appropriate teaching material.