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Looking back with Divina

Looking back with Divina

At the end of every project we ask our changemakers how they experienced the program. Here’s what Divina said:

About her project United4Peace:
The socio-political situation in Cameroon is characterized by security crises: post electoral instability, escalation of violence in English speaking regions, terrorism in North Cameroon, rise of hate speeches resulting in proliferation of light weapons.   

Conflicts have forced thousands of people to leave their homes. Countless numbers of children have been abducted, abused and forcibly recruited to accomplish inhuman acts. Girls have been targeted for particularly horrific abuse, including sexual enslavement. Villages and towns have been looted and destroyed. Schools have been attacked.   

The conflict is exacting a heavy toll on children, affecting not just their well-being and their safety but also their access to basic health, education and social services. Children constitute the main layer victim of conflicts, yet not sufficiently engaged.   United4Peace is a project which aims at:  
• Bringing together children to join their effort against violent extremism and for peace and unity in Cameroon in general and in the affected regions by war;  
• Building children leadership and their capacity to becoming peer educators, peace and unity ambassadors;  
• Advocate for children’s rights and against the enrolment of children in armed groups by using press conferences, campaigns, marches, cartoons as tools of expression to fight against of hate speeches."  

What did KidsRights do to help you?
"KidsRights granted me some financial support to carry out my project and has published my project on its online platform."

Do you have some inspiring and encouraging words for other potential changemakers? 
Be the change you would like to see happen in your community. Keep faith and work hard. Don't be despond in achieving your dream.