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Update Ewelle

Update Ewelle

What has Ewelle done?
Ewelle organized three meetings in his neighbourhood. The first meeting was about child trafficking. During the second meeting, the subject of child trafficking was pursued further by discussing about the research that has been done on child trafficking. The last meeting was more interactive – experiences of victims of child trafficking were openly discussed by the young participants.

How did it go?
It went very well. On the first day 25 participants attended, on the second day there were 30 and third day 20 participants were present. At the end of the meetings all participants understood what child trafficking is, what the effects are and how you can prevent child trafficking.

In what way did Ewelle make an impact?
Ewelle was able to inform the young participants, connect with them and mobilize them, so that they can stand up for their freedom, safety and their education. Above all these young participants should step up when they notice that child trafficking is taking place in their surroundings. He has motivated and encouraged them to report child trafficking to the police from now on. Ewelle is proud that so many young people were present at the meetings.