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Hadiqa's action for girls' rights

Hadiqa's action for girls' rights

Through her organization - Girls United for Human Rights – Hadiqa ensures that girls take action for their own rights. From Pakistan, together with other girls, she wants to create a world in which everyone is equal and where girls lead a better life. Read more about Hadiqa’s project here.

What has Hadiqa done?

In Hadiqa’s surroundings, women are killed in honour killings and girls (15 to 23 year- olds) commit suicide for different reasons. In the course of her project Hadiqa has done research together with a university into this issue. Different reasons came up, among which :

·        Lack of participation by girls in the making of decisions in their lives. 
·        Lack of education for boys and girls in rural areas. 
·        The attitudes of a tribe. 
·        Girls who are forced to marry at a young age. 
·        Girls are often considered a burden and are therefore married off as early as possible. 
·        Girls who are often locked up in homes after being married off, and are thereafter expected to be dutiful wives to their husbands and in-laws.

Hadiqa has also organized meetings to motivate lawmakers to legislate girl-friendly laws. Collaborations have been made to make these changes easier. These collaborations have been made especially with women within the government.

Besides that, she has organized training sessions to teach girls leadership skills, so that they can let their voices be heard as Agents of Change.

How did it go? 
Hadiqa is also in talks with religious leaders because they have a lot of influence on the behaviour of the community. One of the leaders indicated that he was personally against child marriage, but did not want to speak out. This is something that Hadiqa gets to hear a lot of and something that makes it difficult to change people’s attitude.

In what way has Hadiqa made an impact? 
Hadiqa has made an impact because her organisation is contacted at the moment young girls get involved with forced marriage. An example of this is when a 14 year-old girl was at the point of being forced to get married and a friend got in touch with Hadiqa. The girl was forced to marry to resolve a quarrel between her family and that of her future husband. Together with the police, they managed to delay this marriage for 2 years, in any case.

And now? 
Hadiqa will continue to work with Girls United for Human Rights to improve the lives of girls!