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International children's rights foundation KidsRights launches unique platform for young changemakers

International children's rights foundation KidsRights launches unique platform for young changemakers

International children’s rights foundation KidsRights on 2 June officially launched the Global Changemaking Platform during the Rotterdam Gala in the Netherlands. Over the past thirteen years, the changemaking activities of the winners of the International Children’s Peace Prize have been a true testament to the powerful ways in which children can improve children’s rights. The unique Global Changemaking Platform now enables them to share and support these and other changemaking activities, inspire and mobilise other children and create a snowball effect. This effect is strengthened by KidsRights’ collaboration with Nickelodeon, which reaches children in more than 170 countries and introduces them to the platform.

Inspiring changemakers 

KidsRights firmly believes that all children who want to make a difference should be acknowledged and supported in their tireless efforts to improve children’s rights. However small their initiatives may appear, through proper support and facilities their impact can be limitless. One of the stories on the platform is of José, who grew up in poverty. Out of nowhere he managed to found the world’s first ecological bank for children which has enabled 20,000 children to afford their school tuitions. Or take the story of Chaeli, who won the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2012. She overcame the adversities presented by her disability and is now an ability activist who focuses on her talents. Chaeli promotes positive change among other children and young people with disabilities by teaching wheelchair dancing lessons. Through her inspiring lead, Chaeli stimulates children to make the most of their abilities and gain self-esteem. 

Afrojack launches Global Changemaking Platform

The world-renowned DJ Afrojack launched the platform with a push of the ‘red button’. “I am deeply proud to have been invited to launch this global changemaking platform. KidsRights encourages children across the globe to start exciting projects,” said Afrojack. “I got involved because I believe it is important that children follow their dreams. I did that myself when I was young and I aim to be an example for the next generation.”

Global community of changemakers

The Global Changemaking Platform allows children to raise awareness for their own projects, to inspire others and seek support. Platform visitors can follow and support these children with the click of a button. But the platform is not just about support; it is also an environment where children can find inspiration to become changemakers themselves. Marc Dullaert, founder of the KidsRights Foundation, emphasises that the platform was conceived for all children who are committed to children’s rights. “Winning the International Children’s Peace Prize has provided these changemakers with a platform to voice their opinions and the possibility to become a source of inspiration for other children. The launch of the platform is the beginning of a global community of changemakers.”