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March For Our Lives wins International Children’s Peace Prize 2018

March For Our Lives wins International Children’s Peace Prize 2018

During the ceremony, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, said “The peaceful campaign to demand safe schools and communities and the eradication of gun violence is reminiscent of other great peace movements in history. They are true changemakers who have demonstrated most powerfully that children can move the world.”

March For Our Lives
David, Emma, Jaclyn and Matt co-initiated March For Our Lives alongside more than 20 other students, after their school was the scene of a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida this past February, with 17 fatal casualties. Personally affected by the tragedy, they responded by organizing the March For Our Lives event in the spring of 2018 to demand safer schools and communities and to protest gun violence.
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Deserved winners
Marc Dullaert, founder of KidsRights and the International Children’s Peace Prize, said that out of the extremely impressive group of 121 nominees, March For Our Lives was this year’s most deserved winner, if only due to the sheer size of the movement that it inspired in 2018: “March For Our Lives has transformed a local community protest into a truly global youth-led and peaceful protest movement. The initiators have utilized the skills and knowledge of young people to generate positive change.”

Changemaker Program
Inspired by changemakers like this year’s winners, we recently launched the Changemaker Program. The program is intended to support changemaking activities of young talent between 12 and 24 years that want to contribute to a lasting change for children’s rights in their communities and beyond.
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