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Story of change: from coconut to charcoal briquette

Story of change: from coconut to charcoal briquette

One of the beneficiaries of the sustainable community project of GAYO was selling coconuts on the streets, instead of going to school. 

People in the community use wood to make their fires. This results in deforestation of the area, which is harmful fot the environment. Our project GAYO found a solution: they came up with a way to make a charcoal briquette out of the waste of coconuts. They taught this to the mother of the child that was selling coconuts. Now the same boy that used to sell coconuts on the street, is earning money from selling charcoal briquette. In this was, he can pay for his school fees by recycling the waste of the coconuts he used to sell. What a sustainable solution!  

At this time it is still a pilot, and it needs to be discussed how the women can do it on a larger scale. But the plan is that the women can make these briquettes and with the profits they can pay for the schools of the children.