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Story of Hope - Birhanu

Story of Hope - Birhanu

This is a story of hope about Birhanu. He was rescued by Redae’s project, and now his life has turned around for the better.

Redae is a 23-year-old changemaker from Ethiopia. His project’s goal is to promote the rights of children by using effective resources and to create suitable conditions for everyone to know and respect children’s rights. He focuses especially on child labor.

When Birhanu was 11, his parents died due to fatal car accident. Before this happened, he was an excellent and very active student. Unfortunately, after the death of his mom and dad, he became a victim of child labor and exploitation, since he needed money to survive. He worked for about 3 years, and he said about that: "Child labor is even more dangerous than what people think. It is very bad for children’s health and security. I was weak and tired, and this had terrible consequences on my academic performance."

After Birhanu joined Redae’s project, he received advice, financial support and school materials. Currently, Birhanu is in 7th grade, and his academic performance came back to be excellent.

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