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Update Jeff

Update Jeff

What did Jeff do?
At a primary school in Jeff’s neighborhood he explained to 30 children and 5 teachers how to prevent Jiggers and how to remove them. After a month, Jeff showed 41 children, 10 teenagers and 3 adults, during Sunday school in church, how to make shoes from old car tires. Wearing shoes is one of the ways to prevent getting jiggers.  

How did it go?
Jeff received a lot of positive reactions to his workshops! During these workshops, there were children who could not sit because they had jiggers in their buttocks, legs and feet. The organization working with Jeff took these children to the hospital for treatment.  

How did Jeff make an impact?
Jeff have made shoes together with many children. At least these children will have no more problems with jiggers in their feet in the future. Participants also now know how they can:
·         prevent jiggers;
·         remove them;
·         take care of themselves;
·         make shoes;
·         help others with jiggers;
·         educate others about above subjects.  

“I can make a difference.” – Jeff  

What went well?
More people attended the workshops than he had expected. That’s why he did not have enough materials, but despite this, it went very well and the participants were very positive. Jeff is very happy with the result.  

What was the most difficult?
It was disappointing for Jeff to not have enough materials for everyone, because he would have loved reach more children. For the next workshop he will bring more materials than he expect to need.