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Together for a better climate!

Together for a better climate!

The Dutch climate protest is initiated by Youth For Climate NL. The youth organization reached out to other youngsters through social media in order to protest in The Hague. From all over the country, thousands of youngsters gathered to demonstrate.

Kesz, our Children's Peace Prize winner, travelled to The Hague as well: “It will be my first time to join a protest for a good cause and I am very proud to be part of this! See you all later in The Hague!”

The climate protest started in Belgium a few weeks ago. Tens of thousands of students have been protesting every Thursday, and they still are. The Belgium climate protest was an inspiration for the Dutch youngsters, whom started their protest today.

Youth for Climate NL used social media to gather protesters, just like the March For Our Lives-initiators, the International Children's Peace Prize winner of 2018. By calling youngsters to participate in the march, they succeeded in starting a huge youth movement. Both show the strength that young people have when they come together!

 *photo of Kesz Valdez on the Philippines in 2016