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Update: Aichurek's Theater's

In November 2018, Aichurek started her local changemaking project! During this first edition, Aichurek focused on the inequality between girls and boys. She chose to do this because girls are often expected to take care of the children at home, while boys are studying and working.

"Never give up, stay strong and protect your rights. Every working child has the right to education."

 What did Aichurek do?
Aichurek has organized forum theaters at schools. Curious what forum theater is exactly? Read more about her project here.

Together with peers she has written and practiced plays about equality between boys and girls. She also went to various schools to ask if the forum theater could be performed there. Once Aichurek got permission, the forum theaters started! These took place all over Kyrgyzstan from 27 to 30 November. The students in the audience listened attentively and actively participated. They had all seen, heard or experienced the inequality between boys and girls.

How did it go?

The training of the students who participated in the forum theater went very well! Everyone did their best, with many ideas arising about how they could best represent the inequality between boys and girls.

Aichurek and her team needed two days to properly prepare and practice the forum theater. At the schools they received help from the teachers and school directors.

During and after the forum theater, there were many different reactions from the students. Fortunately, many of these reactions were positive! Nevertheless, there were also a number of negative reactions. Not everyone agreed that girls should also have the opportunity to study and play. Many children are used to the fact that girls only work and care for the family.

How did Aichurek make an impact?
Aichurek has performed the forum theater with 20 children. This team consisted of 8 girls and 12 boys. They all actively and enthusiastically participated in the project.

With the forum theater they have reached about 500 children, teachers and parents! Most of the students indicated that they would support girls and accept their rights.

What went well?
The students listened carefully and participated in the discussion questions. She made the students think about their rights.

What was the hardest?
Aichurek found the negative comments the most difficult.

What is Aichurek going to do now?
It is a good start, but of course the problem is still far from solved. Aichurek would like to continue her project at other schools. She has already received multiple requests, so that is very promising!

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