Update Divina

“I'm standing up for peace."

Divina organized two workshop for children in her community. These children are often targets or victims of violent extremist groups and are used as child soldiers. Divina wants to inform and warn the children in her community, so they won’t join these extremist groups. The workshops dealt with two different rights of children who are involved in armed groups: the right to education and security.  

On the first day, Divina visited a Muslim community and gave the workshop about the right to education and children in armed groups. This workshop was successful as the children were educated about what it means if they join the extremist groups. This means that they will be used as child soldier, and that they can’t go to school anymore. On the second day, the topic was the involvement of children in armed groups. Divina educated the children, that they won’t be heroes if they join the extremist groups.  At both workshops Divina distributed free t-shirts with cartoons about children becoming a part of these groups. By giving the t-shirts the children can spread the message to other children.

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