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Update Kehkashan

Kehkashan and 20 members of Green Hope, Kehkashan’s own organization, did a cleanup in the mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). These mangrove forests suffer under the plastic waste that end up in their roots, suffocating them. Kehkashan and her crew went in kayaks to the forest and after several hours they collected over 100 kgs of trash.  

"Time is running out: we must do something now, otherwise polar bears will live under palm trees soon"

After finishing this cleanup Kehkashan and the Green Hope members wanted to make other people aware of the problem of plastic waste in the oceans. At a local event they informed hundreds of people, by showing the pictures of their cleanup. Most of these people were not aware that if they left trash behind on the beach, that they could end up in the roots of the Mangrove trees.  

To spread the message about the need to ban plastic pollution even further Kehkashan started a global twitter campaign. This reached over 4.000 people from all over the world, including a professor, who is an expert on mangrove conservation from Suriname.

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