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Update Nyota

"It's time to put more effort in feminine hygiene management in school and public spaces. It causes drop outs in school and poor school attendance.’’

An awareness workshop was organised by Nyota at the Youth Centre in the Nyarugusu Refugee camp. The aim of this workshop was to make youth realise that menstruation is not a shameful topic to discuss, but normal, natural and a sign of good health. Nyota wants to break the silence on the taboo which affects girls during their menstruation.  In her community there are many taboos about menstruation, for example that girls should not touch food during their period, because they will poison it.    

More than 30 women and girls participated in the workshop where they were taught how to correctly use sanitary pads. Nyota asked the girls at the camp about their current menstruation habits and was shocked to learn that the majority of the  women and girls used re-usable pads or pieces of clothes. Which they need to wash and hide, because menstruation is seen as something shameful. This interactive workshop was very successful as Nyota explained how to deal with menstruation and how to follow healthy habits. All of the girls received free sanitary pads at the end of the workshop.

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