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Update on Betty's class sessions

Update on Betty's class sessions

Betty wants to oppose sexual violence with her project. Read more over Betty’s project here.

What has Betty Done?
Betty organized sessions whereby children were able to ask any questions they liked. She also gave them information regarding violence, child abuse and children’s rights. Other meetings were organized where children can share their stories and ask each other questions. At these meetings Betty handed out small items such as sanitary towels.

How did it go?
It went very well!  The children liked meeting Betty and her team. Participation was enthusiastic and may questions asked.  Betty was disappointed she couldn’t help all the children, for example, buying them sanitary towels or other important things. She found it very difficult and saddening to see how girls suffer from violence.

“Learn from the past but don't live in it”.

In which way has Betty made an impact?
Betty’s main goal was to inform children about violence, and how they can protect themselves and how to report it. With her activities Betty has helped 110 children and teenagers.