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Update Sherneil

Sherneil is fighting against gender discrimination in sports in the Caribbean Islands. She does this with her own organization Supporting Girls In Sports. Read more about Sherneil’s project and organization here.

“I would like to see a world where everyone is equal”.

What did Sherneil do?
Together with her organization, Supporting Girls In Sports, Sherneil has already finished her first project. Via social media she has brought the inequality between men and women in the sporting world to attention.  

How did it go?
She’s working on her social media campaign every day. On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and website. Follow Sherneils campaign via the website of Supporting Girls in Sports! 

How did Sherneil make an impact?
She has reached over 63.000 people with her campaign. Sherneil’s goal was to reach out to between 200 and 400 people in the Caribbean Islands for awareness of inequality in the sports world; so it’s safe to say that her project is successful!  

What is Sherneil proud of?
She is most proud of the column: Women Featured Wednesday. In this column she interviewed 16 women. This enabled her to put one of the women in the spotlight once a week. Sherneil thinks it’s very important to look at the sporting performance of different women, to which she had many positive reactions.   Sherneil is going to continue her campaigning and Supporting Girls in Sports with the same enthusiasm. We will keep you updated!

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