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Youth Impact Conference @ Toronto

The Youth Impact Conference of our project partner Green Hope took place last month at the University of Toronto in Canada. Green Hope is fighting for the environment and is the youth organization of Kehkashan, the Children’s Peace Prize Winner of 2016. Click here if you’re curious about her organization! 

During the Youth Impact Conference, young people develop a plan of action to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are global goals that have been set by the United Nations to protect the environment. The participating young people have followed workshops and have been educated by Green Hope before, in order to broaden their knowledge about the environment and the SDGs.

Several inspiring women attended the Youth Impact Conference as key-note speakers, to inspire the 150 young participants. This was followed by a panel discussion based on a number of statements. Finally, the participants were divided into groups, and each group chose two SDG subjects to focus their plan of action on. Take a look below at the photos of the Youth Impact Conference!

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