Apply for the new global Children’s Advisory Team

Apply for the new global Children’s Advisory Team

Apply for the new global Children’s Advisory Team

Child Rights Connect is setting up a new global Children’s Advisory Team, which will become a permanent group within the organisation and central to advancing our efforts on children’s empowerment globally. They are now accepting applications from children to become child advisors on the new Children’s Advisory Team 2020/2021!

The roles of the Team will be to:

  • Guide them in the implementation of the new Strategy;
  • Help to ensure a stronger connection between the UN and the ground to ensure better positive impact, including by taking part in advocacy on children’s rights at the national, regional and international level; (this includes representing broader groups of children and feeding back to children at the local and national level);
  • Reach out to, and mobilising, child-led initiatives, to become part of the Child Rights Connect’s work and network;
  • Act like a solid global platform for children to speak with one voice in front of the UN.

The specific tasks of the Team will be developed through discussions with the children.

You can apply using this link.
The deadline is Friday 31st January 2020.

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